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Brachial plexus Injury

Brachial plexus
Sequence (mnemonic): Robert Taylor Drinks Cold Beer (Rami, Trunks, Divisions, Cords & Branches)

The roots and trunks lie in the posterior triangle of the neck.
The divisions are deep to the clavicle .
The cords are posterior to the pectoralis minor
Terminal branches begin in the axilla .

Roots (5)
Are formed by the ven
tral rami of spinal nerves C5 - T1.

Trunks (3)
The 5th and 6th cervical roots join to form the upper trunk .
The 7th cervical root forms the middle trunk .
The 8th cervical and 1st thoracic roots join to form the lower trunk .

Divisions (6)
Each trunk divides into an anterior and a posterior division.

Cords (3)
The three posterior divisions join to form the posterior cord (C5-T1)
The anterior divisions of the upper and middle trunk unite to form the lateral cord (C5-C7).
The anterior division of the lower trunk continues alone as the medial cord (only C8-T1).

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