November 2006 Nottingham - Henry Dushan Atkinson FRCS Tr & Orth



Osteosarcoma distal femur, Dx , Tx ,Management.

Stress # Metatarsal, Osteoporosis, risks and Ix

Osteopetrosis, with hip arthrodesis

Osteoid osteoma femur

HA coated femoral stem, ceramic head.Discussion of materials used.

Reasons for failure for THR. Head/ neck ratio, positioning. Patient factors

Posterior hip fracture dislocations

Heterotopic ossification

Rheumatoid arthritis with severe valgus knees, management

Hallux valgus aetiology and treatments


Pilon # R/A type 3. compartment syndrome leg

Ex-fix applications. Polytrauma, DCO vsTotal early care

Comminuted distal radius #, pros and cons of fixation, volar locking plates.

Lateral third clavicle #s, type 2b outcomes

Displaced sub cap # nof in healthy 70 yrold, can screws vs THR, keating paper and Swedish studies. Risk factors in #nof population. Types of hemiarthroplasty pros and cons, bipolar, unipolar.

Femoral # IM nail in situ. Second injury with quads tendon rupture. Treatment options and how I would repair it

hangman #, ADI SAC, types, treatment options.

Talar neck #. Hawkins class. Approach to ORIF.


SH II distal tibial #. Open treatment of #s

Triplane and tillaux #s, thurston Holland fragment.

DDH Tx in late presenter

Arthrography findings. Early DDH

Primary bone tumour in humerus

Osteomyelitis metaphyses.


Dupuytrens disease Tx and aetiologies. Mccash and skin grafting options.

RSD classification and treatment options

Carpal tunnel syndrome. How to do op.external neurolysis. Open vs arthroscopic

1 st Carpo-metacarpal OA,classification and Tx options.

DRUJ injury. Tx options


Glycocalyx. Different types of infection. Pseudomonas Tx .

Unicondylar knee replacement failure. Given bits to look at. Discuss catastrophic poly failure. Metal necking. Plastic deformation. Stress risers. Stress strain curves

Metal on metal fluid film lubrication

Types of hydrodynamic lubrication and lubricationduring gait cycle.

Meniscal anatomy, blood supply and hoop stresses.

Detailed anatomy of ankle and foot; Primal pictures

Detailed anatomy of shoulder; Primal pictures

Brachial plexus anatomy

Name screw parts



Inflammatory PolyArthropathy

Bilateral THRs Bilateral TKRs Shoulder Replacement.

Spinal fusion

Multiple right total hip dislocations, then infected revision, Spacer now in situ

2 Examiners present

10 minute history

10 minute examination

20 minutes of questioning about Xrays,implants types, treatment of infection, dislocations etc..


Usually between 6-10 cases. 2 x 15 min sessions. Lower and upper limb separate. Each with 2examiners

My cases were:

Lower Limb

1) Take a short history. Hallux Rigidus, with transfer metatarsalgia. Treatment options Consent. XR discussion

2) Grade 2 Tibialis posterior dysfunction

3) Pes Cavus in CMT, just examination and discussed Tx

4) Posterolateral corner and PCL injury, now tricomp OA knee in 40 yr old. XR discussion and Tx options.

Upper Limb

1) Fascioscapulo humeral dystrophy. Treatment options for Winging. Gledhill fusion. Upper limb neuro exam

2) Sternoclavicular TB. Examination of head andneck

3) Psoriatic arthritis in hands. Triggering ofsmall finger. Causes and pathophysiology of trigger fingering.

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