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OWLS, the Orthopaedic World Literature Society

was created in July 2000 by 12 Orthopaedic Registrars in the North-West Thames region

The aims of the Society are:-

  • To encourage self-directed study for Orthopaedic trainees
  • To improve trainees' knowledge of the Orthopaedic literature
  • To encourage continued reading of Orthopaedic publications
  • To develop and improve critical appraisal skills
  • To develop a dynamic collection of historical and current reference articles
  • To develop a literature database to which all OWLS members have access
  • To cover allied healthcare topics of interest
  • To develop a social professional network

OWLS evolved into a close-knit, hard-working gathering of like-minded individuals using the group as an opportunity for self-directed study.

A second OWLS group formed within the North-West Thames rotation and many OWLS groups continue to be created in other UK regions and as far afield as Canada and Nepal.

If you would like to form your own OWLS group, and would like guidance on the structure of the society, the format of the meetings and rules of membership, please feel free to email me.

Henry Dushan Edward Atkinson

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