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Wrist Arthroscopy

  1. Chronic wrist pain for > 3months
  2. Guide to planning further treatment 
  3. Carpal instability
    • Confirm diagnosis & additional associated damage
    • Arthroscopic reduction & percutaneous pinning of scapholunate dissociation
  4. TFCC tears - Diagnose & debride 
  5. Remove loose bodies
  6. Excision of Dorsal wrist ganglion
  7. Synovial biopsy
  8. Synovectomy
  9. Keinbock's disease - staging
    • Arthroscopic debridement of the head of the capitate may unload the lunate allowing revascularisation (Lena et al.)
  10. Fracture reduction of distal radius fractures & treat associated TFCC tears.
  11. Bone grafting of lunate cysts & scaphoid fractures.


Complication rate is only 0.5%

Warhold & Ruth reviewed 205 wrist arthroscopies & found:

  1. one stitch abscess
  2. one inclusion cyst
  3. 2 cases of CRPS

Potential complications: 

  1. traction related
  2. complications incurred during the establishment of portals
  3. procedure-specific complications
  4. others

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