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The BOA Orthopaedic Association ("the BOA") supports the creation of this website as a supplementary education resource facility for trainees of the FRSC (Tr&Orth) programme ("the Syllabus").`

The BOA's support of this website is non-exclusive and other educational and information resources are supported by the BOA “ for more information about the BOA please see our official website at www.boa.ac.uk

The information provided on this website should not be relied upon as an authoritative resource for the study of the Syllabus.  This website should not constitute a replacement of either the core Syllabus materials or advice from an appropriately qualified medical practitioner.

The BOA is not responsible for the content of this site, nor any other external website (other than its own) which may be linked to from this site.  The BOA cannot and will not accept any liability or responsibility for any liability (save for liability for death or personal injury caused by the BOA's negligence) for any loss, damage, failure or injury (whether direct or indirect, special or otherwise) that may arise from any reliance on, or use of, any of the materials reproduced on this site.

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