Total Hips with 20 year Follow-up - CC Tai 12/9/2000

1.  Author              J.J. Callaghan, J.C. Albright, D.D. Goetz, J.P. Olejniczak, R.C.Johnston

Title                 Charnley Total Hip Arthroplasty with Cement

Reference        JBJS 82A(4) Apr 2000 : 487 - 497

Summary          62 (original : 330) 1 o THR, 51 (262) patients; follow-up average 25 years

                           Of the 62, 23% revision -  loosening with infection, aseptic loosening 

                           Of the 327, 90% retained original prosthesis - due to infection / dislocation / aseptic loosening.

Critique            largest and longest follow-up for THR; reasonable size follow up at 25 years, detailed follow-up and assessment throughout 25 years


2. Author             J. C. Clohisy, W.H. Harris

Title                 Primary Hybrid Total Hip Replacement, Performed with Insertion of the Acetabular Component without Cement and a Precoat Femoral Component with Cement - an average of ten year follow up study

Reference        JBJS 81A(2) Feb 1999 : 247 -255

Summary          100 (original : 121) 1 o THR, 86 (107) patients; follow-up average 120 months

                        Porous-coated acetabular component (Harris-Galante, Zimmer) with screw fixation & a precoat (methylmethacrylate) roughened femoral component

                        4% acetabular revised: osteolysis (1), dissociation of the liner associated with fractures of tines (3); 1% femoral revised: aseptic loosening (1)

Critique            longest follow-up for primary hybrid THR; prospective study with thorough follow-up and assessment using different radiological and clinical scoring systems

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