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Different types of Fractures

Types of Fractures

Greenstick fracture

  • An incomplete fracture occurring in children in which the bone ends remain in opposition
  • Caused by an indirect force.

Figure 1 - Greenstick fracture of proximal humerus

Transverse fracture

  • The fracture line runs roughly at right angles to the axis of the bone
  • Caused by either direct or indirect forces.

Figure 2 - Transverse fracture of tibia

Spiral fracture

  • The fracture line spirals around the bone
  • Caused by an indirect force - in particular a twisting injury.

Figure 3 - Spiral fracture of the H umerus

Oblique fracture

  • The fracture line is angled at 30 degrees or more to the axis of the bone
  • Caused by either direct or indirect forces.

Figure 4 - Oblique fracture of the Humerus

Compression/impacted fracture

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