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Image gallery consent

Before submitting images, you must confirm that you have obtained the patients consent in respect of the following:

Where appropriate, you have obtained consent from the patient for any medical recordings, including (but not limited to) photographs, video clips, drawings, sound recordings as described below to be made.

The patient understands the material has educational value, and consents to the material being shown to appropriate professional staff and used in educational publications including relevant medical text books, journals and any other medium including all forms of electronic publication and that they consent to distribution anywhere in the world. The patient must also understand that the material may be seen by the general public. 

All or part of the material may be used in conjunction with other photographs, drawings, videotape images, sound recordings or other forms of illustration.  Efforts must be made to conceal the  identity of the patient where possible, but full confidentiality cannot by not guaranteed.

The patient must also realise that, once released, recovery of the material may not be possible and no fee is payable to to either the patient or the submitting practitioner in respect of the material either now or at any time in the future.

The submitter must confirm that the purpose for which the material would be used has been explained to the patient in terms which they have understood.

Click here to download the patient consent form

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Image gallery consent
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